Airbags are specifically designed to protect workers at height in case of a fall and certified as Personal Protective Equipment.

They effectively protect the back and chest with its vital organs: they passed the impact tests with residual force values transmitted 60% lower than the limit set by the standard to obtain certification.

The system inflates the bag in just 40 milliseconds from the moment the accident is recognised.

It is designed by employing the concept of structural sack: the airbag sack is not inserted into an additional garment, but it is itself the structure with all the elements that guarantee its functioning.

This makes it extremely light, comfortable and ergonomic.

It protects against impact against the ground in the event of falls from a height of at least 1.2 m and can be worn over normally worn clothing.

From 2 m, it also protects against the worker swinging against structures below the work surface and can be worn under the harness.